• All positions are in theoretical and/or computational physics and/or chemistry, or mathematics.

  • Email inquiries for all positions should be sent to softsimu [at]

  • Application material: No MS Word documents. Please use PDF.

  • Background: For all positions, strong background in theoretical / physical / computational chemistry or physics is expected.




Current fully funded offerings: 1-2 Graduate studentships (MSc or PhD) starting in Sep 2017 and onwards:

    1-2 fully funded MSc / PhD positions in Computational/Theoretical Chemistry / Physics in my group at the University of Western Ontario in London (ON), Canada at the Dept. of Applied Mathematics. Projects cover both classical and quantum modelling, and strong theoretical background is expected. Starting date is flexible. Anticipated starting time: Sep. 2017 or Jan 2018. The positions are open until filled.

    Primary fields : 1) QM/MM modelling of excitons/optical properties in/of polymeric/bio/cluster systems, 2) Lattice Boltzmann simulations of colloids or/and active matter, 3) Computational modelling of intrinsically disordered proteins, 4) Free energy methods, 5) QM/MM modelling of biological systems. Other project are also possible. In particular, applicants interested in stochastic modeling and method development (quantum, classical, QM/MM, free eneregy methods, LB, etc) are strongly encouraged to apply.

    For more:

Where our former students and postdocs have ended up:

    Oxford, Berkeley, McGill, Toronto, Several Max Planck Institutes, UBC, UCSB, U Calgary, Helsinki, FU Berlin, TU Eindhoven, Juelich, Carnegie Mellon, NJIT, IBM, TU Muenchen, Fudan, supercomputing centers in several countries, National Institutes of Health, CWI - the Dutch National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, and so on. Our students and postdocs have won top prizes including the Polanyi Prize, NSERC Banting Fellowship, Marie Curie Fellowships, Academy of Finland Fellowships, various EU fellowships, Volkswagen Fellowships, NSERC Bell Fellowship, Humboldt Fellowship, CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship, and so on.

Graduate Scholarship Programs

Summer students and undergraduate projects

    I try to offer summer studentships to outstanding students every year. These studentships have almost always lead to peer reviewed publications and/or thesis projects. In addition, there are some grant programs for excellent students:

  • NSERC USRA studentships. Contact me in good time before the deadlines.
  • NSERC STEAM Horizon Awards. Valued at $25k, must be "preparing to enroll or currently enrolled in the first year of post-secondary education".
  • NSERC's Undergraduate Programs.

Current funded offerings: Postdoctoral Fellowships

    • One PDF position open in soft matter / biological matter modeling. Strong skills in computation / theory required. Open until filled.

Postdoctoral fellowships

There are scholarships available for exceptional postdoctoral fellows:

Visiting & Exchange students: Exchange programs

    Over the past 10 years, we have had exchange students every year (PhD/MSc students) for 2-12 months. If you are interested, please contact me early. See also if you qualify for the programs below (or if you are a local student and want to spend time abroad). We also host Erasmus and other students.

Research networks

We are part of the following research networks: