We are currently concentrating on problems related to lipid membranes and proteins, self-assembly processes, multiscale modeling of biological systems, pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems, and computational methods.

We are a computational & theoretical group, but most of our projects are done in collaboration with experimental groups.

Instead of maintaining web pages of each of the projects, we have put research nuggets with pictures, videos and brief explanations to our flickr site. Pictures and videos at flickr are downloadable, but we kindly ask you to cite them appropriately if you use them.

SoftSimu @ flickr
Research nuggets, pictures and videos at flickr.

Some topics we have worked on / are working on:

Membrane proteins
Peptides and hydrophobins
Peptidases and transferases
Phospholipid membranes
Bacterial membranes
Cholesterol & other sterols
Cationic lipids
DNA-cationic lipid complexation
Properties of water

AC Electrokinetics of cells and colloids
Dielectrophoresis + Electrorotation
Overcharging of colloids
Nanopores, biosensors & translocation
Functionalized surfaces
Wetting of structured surfaces
Laser induced incandescence
Metallic nanoparticles

Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Coarse-graining of molecular systems
Phase field modelling
Lattice Boltzmann
Non-equilibrium MD

Crumpling of tethered membranes
Actin filament networks
Cell division
Driven superconducting rings
Charge-density wave dynamics
Turing patterns
Self-gravitating systems